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Behind the kitchen doors

When a passionate graphic designer discovers kitchen appliances, flour, sugar and chocolate... magic happens!!!


My name is Catalina and my story is a love story. Love of art, love of sweets, love of a family. I'm originally From Colombia. I was born and raised in a small family where I learned that when you do things with love they will always be exceptional. I went to college for graphic design, Where I learned A lot of little secrets that Shaped me into the artist that I am today. I started

Catalina Glesige

working in the corporate world where I used all my skills and started having a successful career, but something was missing. I wasn't getting full satisfaction after completing a project. I was turning in my work to my customer and I was getting money in return. You would think that's enough, I guess money is what we all work for, but it wasn't enough for me. I needed emotion and that thank you and gratefulness in your customer's eyes that just makes your day.

So I quit my job and started a wedding planning business with my best friend... which was great... for a while... but I wasn't using my artistic skills as much as I wanted to... but I always paid special attention to all the cakes and desserts and cupcakes and cookies and it didn't take me too long to realize that is what I wanted to do. So I reached out to the person who taught me everything I know. The owner and Baker of an amazing bakery back in Colombia called Cake Home. She doesn't know it but she was an angel in my way that guided me into this beautiful world of art and sugar.

Then my life changed and I had to go through something extremely difficult. I was chit chatting at that time with someone I had met online and he is the other angel in my life... He was there, every step of the way always motivating me, loving me and telling me those words that I needed to hear to not give up... after everything started getting better he flew to Colombia and we clicked immediately. A couple of months later, I took a few weeks off and came to visit him... 5 weeks into my trip, he proposed at sunrise at the top of a snowy mountain... and I never left. I closed my business in Colombia and my new adventure began.

Starting my business over in a new country, where I didn't know anyone, where I had a network of 0 people, where the market is so different was certainly a huge challenge for me... but he was there, again, every step of the way guiding me, introducing me into this culture and loving me. Its gonna be 6 years since I moved here and the journey has been amazing... networking, getting customers, learning new techniques every day. I'm a work in progress... like everybody else... every day you learn something new, you meet people that teach you new things... but I love it... I love this... I will sit at my kitchen table for hours and hours drawing on my cookies, adding details, trying new things... and it makes me smile... so much.

This year, after 3 miscarriages, an interrupted IVF procedure and lots of hopes of starting a family, we had our miracle baby rainbow girl who has brought all new things and experiences to our lives. Working with her next to me and seeing her smile while I create is the best feeling in the world. Another challenge as well because having a one person operation business, time is very limited... so sometimes it will take me a little longer to get back to customers, to answer my phone... delivery times are subject to her being fed and happy and things like that. But I am blessed to have amazing customers that are also parents and understand.

You know how they say that when you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life? Well, that's 100% true. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, loud Latin music in the background and start creating. My reward? That enormous smile from my customers when they open a box and see inside something that will move their heart and they look at me and hug me and tell me this is what they were dreaming of... and more.

So this is me! And I'm so excited to share just a little bit of this with you. So come, dream with me and let's create something amazing that will fill somebody's heart with sweetness.
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