Please check my availability before making a request. I get a lot of messages and this will keep my inbox clean and make it easier for me to respond to everyone on time.

Please be informed. Sweet Fabula is a one person operation; Me. As much as I would like to answer your messages as soon as I get them, sometimes I have my hands on cookies, emails, deliveries or my beautiful baby girl. So please allow me a couple of days to get back to you. Sometimes it might take me up to a week. If you have an urgency, please feel free to call me. Thank you for understanding! I'm doing my best to juggle this new mom/business owner thing. I will get better at it... promise!!!  I really appreciate your business!



Week of 1st - 3rd: FULLY BOOKED

Week of 4th - 10th: CLOSED

Week of 11th - 17th: FULLY BOOKED

Week of 18th - 24th: FULLY BOOKED

Week 25th - 29th: Limited Availability

October 30th - 31st: CLOSED


November 1st - 3rd: CLOSED

Week of 4th - 7th: Limited Availability

Week of 8th -14th: Open

Week of 15th - 21st: Open

Week of 22nd - 28th: Open

Week of 29th - 30th: Open


Booking all dates

Thank you for your request. Please allow me an average of 1 week to get back to you. Thank you!