Let us dream with you while we create the perfect cake for your occasion. Whether it's your wedding, a birthday, a baby shower or your friend's retirement party, we will make sure we create the best of the best with simple ingredients, no additives and always handcrafted from our hearts.



Cookies are our signature product and we enjoy making these so much!!! From preformed cutters to custom shapes, we will make anything that you have in mind to share with your loved ones, your customers or your friends and they will always be handcrafted from our hearts.



Impulse your brand... have something for that show... show up to that important meeting with something that will keep your brand in their mind... celebrate your favorite customer's company anniversary... celebrate a partnership...

We will create something unique for your brand that will surprise everyone!






and gift baskets

My mom always taught me to never show up empty handed. That's why I created these centerpieces made from the most delicious baked goodies. They are great as gifts that will be at the same time part of the decoration. Perfect to bring out smiles and always handcrafted from our hearts.



An argentinean delicacy

Alfajores are our personal favorite product.

These scrumptious little bites of heaven are made out of 2 super soft sugar cookies filled with dulce de leche and covered with chocolate or powdered sugar.

So soft, they will dissolve in your mouth creating an explosion of flavors.



From simple, delicious cupcakes, all the way to the most detailed designs, we enjoy the art of this small cake as much as the big ones.

We can custom your cupcakes for any occasion and create a perfect centerpiece that will add life and sweetness to your celebration.

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